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Genre: Contemporary Romantica eBook

Copyright: March 2005

Series: Part 7 of the ongoing Bound Hearts Series

Pages: 147 (Adobe Reader)

Sensuality: NC-17

Grade: C

Reason for Reading: Just because.

Content warnings: Anal sex, Menage

Plot: What plot? Okay, foine. Ian Sinclair, the owner of The Club, an exclusive society of overgrown frat boys members who like to share their partners and one of its biggest proponents, finally gets his just desserts. Loads of previous characters from the series cameo. Probably best to start with at least Book 4 or Book 5 of the series.

Ramblings: Well, if you read Lora Leigh, you have seen Ian’s alpha male routine before. He pretty much beats his chest throughout the story grunting ‘Me, Tarzan. You, innocent Jane, who cannot handle my depraved style of Wild Jungle Love. Go back to civilization before I lose all self-control and my loincloth.’ Ian seemed a little more suave in previous episodes but I guess Leigh can only do one type of hero. The dragging-knuckles-on-the-floor kind.

Lora Leigh has 749,926 series going on currently, or maybe it’s just 12. I lost count. Her Breed Series is the only series of hers that I read for the stories and plot. All the others, I read just for the smut. 😉 I think the problem in regards to the Bound Hearts is that the formula for this series (Boy Meets Girl, Boy/Girl dance around each other, Boy/Girl do menage near the end) seem especially obvious and stale in novella form which is the length of the majority of these stories. I thought Book 8 Forbidden Pleasures was the best of the series because it was the only full-length novel so far and dealt within a marriage so that’s the book I recommend if you want to try this series. I also liked Book 5 Sacrifice better out of the 3.5 books I have read of this series.



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I tried to post a naughty “not too subtle” advertisement for Cosmo magazine on Maggie Robinson’s blog the other day but it didnt go through so I’ll post it here:


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Note: Spoilers included in this review.

Pages: 208 Pages, according to MS Reader

Ramblings: A week or so ago, I was wondering how come the Mighty Penis is getting all the kinky permutations like barbs, corks, knots, spikes in romantica? What about the Magical Hoohah? Well, when I read the excerpt in which the heroine’s hoohah is literally the petals of a flower, I just couldn’t resist this one.

Hothouse Orchid (HO) is a acid trip of an erotic space opera. Think what if Han Solo had gotten some booty in that famous bar scene from Star Wars? HO has some of that cheesy tongue-in-cheek feel. At least, I think it’s tongue-in-cheek or something-in-cheek. For instance, there is a scene where the heroine shows off her accomplishments by playing the “flesh flutes” (i.e. fellating 16 inch dildoes) that had me horrifed and laughing. I am not suppose to take this seriously or think this is sexy, right? Right?!


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Today, I will be reviewing two romanticas with historical settings.

Sin’s Mistress (2005) by Jess Michaels

Notes: “Jess Michaels” is the erotic nom-de-plume of generic Avon historical romance authoress, Jenna Petersen. Despite the midriff-baring cover, it’s suppose to be a romantica set in 19th? Century. This is the third book in a trilogy.

Grade: C-

Plot: The rake, Raphael Sinclair (“Sin” to his friends and lovers. Get it? “Sin”, short for Sinclair? Betcha you never come across that in a story about a rake. No, sirree.), has a vendetta against Evelyn’s father. Because Evelyn’s father owes Sin much money, Sin gets to debauch Evelyn for a fortnight at his estate to pay off the debt. You know how the rest of this goes.

Ramblings: Jess Michaels first caught my attention with her naughty romp set in Egypt — “Ancient Pleasures” in the Secrets, Volume 11 anthology. Looking back, it just seemed more fun and fresh than the other stories probably because of the Egyptian setting. I dont necessarily think Michaels’s writing has changed. It’s very polished and traditional with very little characteristic quirks to add any liveliness to it and where it made for an enjoyable reading experience in “Ancient Pleasures”, set in a more overexposed setting like 19th C. England, it’s a bit (actually, a hella lot) more stale. Still, the sex scenes are hot, if you only care about the porn. Nothing too freaky. A tie-me-up scene and another involving voyeurism is about as racy as it gets.

First published by Venus Press, this trilogy is currently out-of-print. I wouldn’t have read it if it wasnt for the fact that my bookcrack dealer had it for $3.00. This story is 117 pages and the original price was $11.99. Rip off. According to the author’s website, the rights to the trilogy will probably be bought by another publishing house. Hopefully, it will be more fairly priced the next time it’s re-published.


Anchor and Storm (2007) by Kate Poole

Grade: B

Plot: Set over a period of several years in the 1750s, this story follows Emily Sinclair (No, she is not called “Lady Sin” for short. Shocking, I know.) as she goes from poor Scottish governess to companion and then wife to the much older Edgar, Lord Callander. She grows to love Edgar but there is a problem. They want a child but Edgar has an heritary disease in the family that they will probably pass on to their child. Edgar has already been suffering from it for years and really doesnt have long to live. If he dies without an heir, all will go to his scuzzy nephew who will probably throw Emily out onto the streets . . . after he had his dastardly way with her, of course. So, Edgar proposes that someone else boinks his wife and they will pass off the kid as his heir. Emily is shocked at first but being the dutiful wife, she decides on Edgar’s Scottish groom as the stud.


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