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1. Samhain Publishing (probably my favorite e-book publisher) will be having a First Line Contest starting this Monday on their blog. Ultimate prize is an opportunity to submit your manuscript for publication in their 2008 schedule. (more…)


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I was reading with interest Sybil’s (redwyne.com) very funny account of attending Lisa Kleypas’ book signing at a B&N in San Antonio. She met a reader there named Andrea who remarks about Avon refusing to let Kleypas have Cam as a gypsy hero for Daisy in Scandal in Spring:

Lisa said she tried like 3 outlines with Cam and her editor kept saying it wouldn’t work. So Dasiy[sic] got her long suffering love instead. Straight from Lisa’s lips! pinky promise!!

I remember Kleypas’ previous account of why she didn’t pair Cam up with Daisy to be slightly different so I looked it up. Here is what Kleypas wrote on Squawk Radio on March 6, 2006:

Originally I had intended to pair Daisy with a very different kind of hero, a minor character from Devil In Winter named Cam Rohan. Cam is an exotic half-gypsy croupier, and after he and Daisy have a brief encounter in DIW, I thought they would be a great couple. However, as I started Scandal, I realized Cam and Daisy were too much alike, and I’ve always found the best chemistry to come from a pairing of opposites. So Cam is temporarily on hold while I come up just the right heroine and plot for him.

Eh. I dont know what to think. Did Kleypas realize that Cam wasn’t for Daisy on her own? Did Avon tell Kleypas that she cant have a gypsy hero as Andrea implied? Considering that Kleypas wrote that the best chemistry comes from the pairing of opposites, Daisy & Matthew didnt really exhibit that great a chemistry.

ETA: I saw this cover at Risky Regencies and thought it topical. Obviously, Avon must have thought Gypsy heroes are too fifty years ago 😉

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The Fire Department called. They are going to do their “annual” (meaning every 40 years, according to city records) inspection of my place for fire hazards. Since I dont want the $1000 fine, I have been looking for things to throw away since I have too much stuff and I know that are going to fine me for it.

Unfortunately, I never throw anything away. Case in point are my old Waldenbooks Lovenotes publications which I have kept for reference purpose. I love looking back and seeing what an author sez, then and now. Since I dont have a scanner, I am typing out the stuff I want to save for all posterity.

This is an old Kleypas interview from when she was promoting her second novel (I think) Forever My Love, which is now impossible to find. (BTW, if you have a copy of FML to give me, I will name my firstborn after you 😉 ) I took a picture of Kleypas that accompanied this article because I remember being skeered by the helmut head back then and, not coincidentally, this picture is nowhere to be found on LK’s website.


Former Miss Massachusetts Lisa Kleypas Talks About Her Writing Career

Twenty-three-year-old Lisa Kleypas may not have won the Miss America pageant in 1985 (Miss Mississippi was victorious that year), but the former Miss Mass. has won the hearts of romance readers everywhere.

Born in Texas and raised in Mass., Lisa was a shy, awkward, overweight little girl who dreamed of becoming both a beautiful young woman and a published romance author. She has realized both her dreams in spades!

“I was a bookworm as a child, ” she told us. “I’d waddle down to the library every day, clear out a shelf of books, bring them home and read them and start all over again the next day. I used to identify very strongly with the heroines of the books. After reading Louisa May Alcott’s books I spent two years being her heroines. I liked the feeling of being someone else for a while. By the time I was 16, I knew I wanted to write books as well as read them.”


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