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peteribbetson_1935_poster.jpgMovie: Peter Ibbetson (1935)

Starring: Gary Cooper, Ann Harding, Ida Lupino

Based on: George (Grandfather of Daphne) Du Maurier novel.

Plot: Set in mid 19th Century, Peter and Mary (aka Mimsey) were childhood friends who lived next door to each other in Paris. When Peter’s mother dies, he is sent to live with his uncle in London and the two children endure a heartbreaking separation. Years later, Peter grows up to be a disaffected young man (Gary Cooper). As an architect, he gets an assignment to design the new stables for the Duke of Towers. He meets and fall in love with the Mary, Duchess of Towers (Ann Harding). Peter and Mary eventually recognize each other from their childhood and decide to run away togther but things have a way of seperating the two lovers for the rest of their lives. However, through their supernatural connection, they are together always in their dreams.



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Mannequin (1937)


Set your TIVO.

On February 12th at 9:30 AM EST, Turner Movie Channel will be broadcasting my favorite Joan Crawford flick, Mannequin. (more…)

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