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Did I mention that I got a new puter back in June? Actually, I know I didnt cause I was away for quite a while. Anyhoo, I got a scanner to go with it and now can get back to scanning (I was originally typing them out) some old articles that I kept for a nostalgic look back. Next up is Julia Quinn’s first ever profile in Romantic Times #134 (May 1995). Dude, look at her photo! She looks like she’s 16. Click image to enlarge.

I also scanned the bottom half of the page in case you wanted to read about Marjorie Farrell. According to her good friend Mary Jo Putney, Farrell has gone back to teaching and is no longer writing (but never say never). For my review of the book she was promoting at that time – Sweet Awakeningclick here.

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Loretta Chase

In my continuing series of transcriptions of old articles and interviews, I found two articles written by the great Loretta Chase, one from the time of the publication of The Devil’s Delilah (my favorite Chase) and one from the time of the epochal Lord of Scoundrels. Both articles were accompanied with different pictures of Chase from back then 🙂 but I was without my usual camera so only have a crappy pic of Chase with a perm from the earlier article. (I will replace the picture with a better one when I come back.)


From Romantic Times #76 (June/July 1990)

Something Completely Different . . .

by Loretta Chase

I’m slow. It takes a long time to sort through all the bric-a-brac in my brain and find a moderately intelligent story idea. This brain is not a neatly organized museum of Regency artifacts and documents. Its a dark, cluttered attic, crammed to the rafters with images from movies, books, opera, magazines, rock music, TV, and –though rarely — real life. If my brain were a TV show, it would be “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” In short, ideas for my Regency comedies develop from assorted oddities in this mental collection.

One oddity has been in the brain-attic a long time: Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa. [Regular readers of Word Wenches Blog know that Chase talks about Clarissa a LOT! ~~ seton] I had to read it in college. Few sane people nowadays ever read the book unless forced to by a sadistic professor. Clarissa is a very long, excruciating, tear-your-hair-out and wish-you-could-strange- the-author tale of . . . . seduction. While most of the details escape me, its fascinating seducer, Lovelace, has haunted me for years.

When I was trying to develop a concept for my fifth Regency, Clarissa elbowed all the rubbish aside and rudely thrust itself forward. Hastily I shoved it back, but too late, evidently, because something stuck: the idea of a chapter-by-chapter seduction. Also, through some twisted process of illogic, I concluded that this seduction must be triggered by a wager.

An idea for the wager’s stake came from the memoirs of Harriette Wilson, the famous courtesan. Lord Worcester wrote her a lot of love letters, which Harriette found out could be worth 25,000 pounds in a breach of promise suit. Many What Ifs, Whos, Whys and Hows later, my basic premise was born: X can retrieve some indiscreet letters from Y only if X seduces Z. What sort of person (Y) would propose such a reprehensible bargain? What sort of person (X) would agree to it? Who was Z? (more…)

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The Fire Department called. They are going to do their “annual” (meaning every 40 years, according to city records) inspection of my place for fire hazards. Since I dont want the $1000 fine, I have been looking for things to throw away since I have too much stuff and I know that are going to fine me for it.

Unfortunately, I never throw anything away. Case in point are my old Waldenbooks Lovenotes publications which I have kept for reference purpose. I love looking back and seeing what an author sez, then and now. Since I dont have a scanner, I am typing out the stuff I want to save for all posterity.

This is an old Kleypas interview from when she was promoting her second novel (I think) Forever My Love, which is now impossible to find. (BTW, if you have a copy of FML to give me, I will name my firstborn after you 😉 ) I took a picture of Kleypas that accompanied this article because I remember being skeered by the helmut head back then and, not coincidentally, this picture is nowhere to be found on LK’s website.


Former Miss Massachusetts Lisa Kleypas Talks About Her Writing Career

Twenty-three-year-old Lisa Kleypas may not have won the Miss America pageant in 1985 (Miss Mississippi was victorious that year), but the former Miss Mass. has won the hearts of romance readers everywhere.

Born in Texas and raised in Mass., Lisa was a shy, awkward, overweight little girl who dreamed of becoming both a beautiful young woman and a published romance author. She has realized both her dreams in spades!

“I was a bookworm as a child, ” she told us. “I’d waddle down to the library every day, clear out a shelf of books, bring them home and read them and start all over again the next day. I used to identify very strongly with the heroines of the books. After reading Louisa May Alcott’s books I spent two years being her heroines. I liked the feeling of being someone else for a while. By the time I was 16, I knew I wanted to write books as well as read them.”


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