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Just came back from a business trip.

Didnt get much reading done but did finish my first Terri Brisbin (The King’s Mistress, a Harlequin Historical) on account of Rosario’s review of it a few weeks ago. Overall, I would give it an “eh, it was just alright, dawg”/B- range. I picked it up because the Heroine was far from a coy virgin and it had a beta Hero but neither really came off the page for me. I, especially, wanted to smack the Heroine because I had a real hard time believing that a woman, who was presented as so educated and so clever, did not realize what a serial wencher Henry II was or that she was pretty much dumped as soon as she was sent away because of her pregnancy. I am not a big history buff but I’m pretty sure that, according to the dates established in this novel, the Heroine’s relationship with Henry II coincided historically with Henry II’s infamous love affair with the Fair Rosamund in the 1170s which makes it even more hard for me to believe that the Heroine thought she had this great love with the king. (more…)


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Well, since some Bloggers wont let me comment on their blogs without an account, I finally set one up.

Now that I have my very own shiny blog, I wonder what I will be blogging about? Hmmm.

Well, those who know me even a little know that I always have something to say so. . . . Stay Tuned!

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