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The Bourne Rejection

Dad called, telling me to bring a bottle of Opus One to his birthday dinner. Since Dad exists to make my life difficult, um, love ya Dad I knew that I would not be able to find a bottle in at any of my neighborhood wine shops. Nope, I have to haul arse downtown to this hoity toity joint complete with a wine bar. All is not lost cause I get this cutie to help me out. He looks the intellectual type with lines of worry in his forehead. So adorable. He serves me a helping of I’m-checking-you-out. I body message back I-might-be-interested. It’s going good. I almost dont mind the $195 price tag for the Opus One. Almost. So, as I am paying I open wide my tote. Inside, I have a loud, red & yellow t-shirt that I got from Baltimore that says “I’m a Crab” (Get it? Maryland. Crab. Ha!) and a yooge apple green leather Hermes of Paris wallet. A copy of Joanna Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady is barely peeking underneath but of course, my wino would-be boyfriend sees it.

“What are you reading?” he asks eagerly. Eagle eyes. Great. I have eagle eyes, too. Maybe we’re a match made for some aerie.

opusone.jpgSince he has eagle eyes, I decide not to fool around. I defiantly plop the book on the counter so that he can have a good gander. “The Spymaster’s Lady,” I coo innocently. “It’s really good.”

Wino would-be boyfriend turns as red as the crab on my t-shirt. Which is good because I refuse to be embarrassed and I guess one of us had to. He hands me my purchase avoiding my eyes. Oh well. As I walk out into the sunshine, the Mastercard dude intones:

Paperback Novel . . . . $8.00
Crab T-Shirt . . . . . . . . $35.00
Bottle of Opus One . . . $195.00
Look on Wino’s Face . . Priceless


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Oooo nice!

Allure is giving away a set of the entire selection of Jo Malone Candles. (more…)

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Do you live near an ULTA?



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At the Strand

Despite the cold rainy weather, it’s been a great week. As I mentioned last week, my friend was in town and we hit the Hermes sale which was in Chelsea. The sale was just okay; last year’s selection was much better. Sigh. Afterwards, I asked if we could hit The Strand since it was near by.

For those who are not familiar with The Strand, it’s the last of the granddaddy old-fashioned used bookstores that used to line what was known as Book Row in Greenwich Village. It’s huge (55,000 square feet) and unwieldy, with books crammed in every nook and corner, and a notoriously underpaid and unhelpful staff but part of the charm is uncovering (and I do mean uncovering) those treasures all by yourself. (more…)

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The mailman came and he brought me all sorts of goodies 🙂

From Amazon.com, I received:

  1. Tanner’s Scheme — Lora Leigh
  2. Dangeous Lover — Lisa Marie Rice
  3. The Serpent Prince — Elizabeth Hoyt (this isnt suppose to be out until Sept. 1st!)

BTW, I got the Amazon order in just 3 days using their Free Shipping option. Thanks, Amazon!


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Bag Rage

I have a confession that will surprise most people who know me.

I’m cheap.

Not about books. Not about clothes. Not about jewelry. Nor cars or home furnishings or anything else you can think of. I’m one of those people who dont even ask the price of items when I am shopping. Usually, it’s “I want. I get.”

But you would never know it by the filthy grayish Brentano’s bag I’ve been using to tote books for the past 15 years. (Pictured right. I dont think there are Brentano’s bookstores around anymore. It was most famous for being the bookstore in the comedy Seinfeld, altho it’s been around since 1853.) And this is where my confession comes in. (more…)

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